Broken Promises!

I know I know. I promised to update you all frequently and have some information up here like two weeks ago. Sadly, I don't have it.

Before I get into the excuses, I want to appreciate every single person who has entrusted me with carrying out this project. Your donations mean the world to me and I am very grateful.

An important personal attribute I've learned working here is patience. It's normal to miss deadlines, arrive late, or even just completely skip out on a work day. My intercultural communications class had a name for this but I can't remember it now. African time is real and I've come to learn that it spills into every aspect of your life when you're living in it.

Another cause of the delay is the communication barrier I'm having at work. Although I've taken french classes for years, using it in real life and real time has proven to be more difficult than I could ever Imagine. Because of this, important details in conversations can sometime be left out. Anyways enough of the excuses.

I'm sure you're all curious to know what's happening with your donations. At the moment, I am still putting up a list of textbooks and tuition costs for the children who do not have sponsors at REPCAM. It's extremely difficult as the guardians who are supposed to deliver this information to us are often MIA. I've have been promised a deadline of April 10th so I'm hoping that this sticks. Be rest assured that once I have this information, I will share it with you all. I'm also writing a final report here so look out for that as well!

Expect a Friday update! Thanks again to everyone and talk soon!

- E


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